About Speech Language Centre

Hi, I am Agashnee. I am an experienced native English Speech and Language Therapist with a keen interest in seeing children reach their full potential. I have worked internationally and am here to also support children and families in the international community while maintaining their languages. I am enthusiastic about multilingualism and how we acquire languages.

I am passionate about seeing children thrive and making a positive impact on a child’s communication skills. I wanted to provide a holistic model and a toolbox with strategies for children to cope within school, so I also a trained children’s yoga and mindfulness instructor. 

My mission is to provide the highest quality of speech and language therapy to enhance children’s communication skills.

I trained in Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Witwatersrand, in South Africa. I received a first class merit pass for my clinical work at University. I was fortunate to practice Audiology and Speech Therapy for many years and this gives me a greater advantage when seeing clients for speech therapy. I am originally South African and lived and worked in the UK for 14 years. I worked for the NHS in the UK, including delivering one-to-one home visits. I have a wide international experience with a network of recognised industry professionals. Over the years I became a specialist in early intervention, (Hanen trained), multilingualism, autistic spectrum disorders and other communication disorders.  I also delivered mindfulness groups to children. Find out more on my LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/agashnee-naidoo/


Following my move to the Netherlands in 2018, I have worked in various international schools carrying out screening, assessment and therapy. More recently therapy has been adapted to provide tele-therapy. Therapy sessions are fun, interactive and engaging. I have a gentle approach allowing the children to feel comfortable during assessment and therapy.

I delivered a range of accredited training to Teachers to assist in creating a communication friendly school. 

I am a PEaCH Ambassador. PEaCH stands for ‘Preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and linguistic heritage through empowerment of bilingual children and families’. As an ambassador I am now part of a team that raises awareness of the benefits of bilingualism/multilingualism and home languages in Europe and across the world. For more information about the PEaCH project, please visit their website bilingualfamily.eu